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Monday, March 19, 2007

Life that you abolished!!

The blossoming love
and blooming nights
and two unturned,
natural lives.
splurging, panting,
knealing emotions,
no moments resting,
movements and motions.
earthy souls heavenly feelings,
feelings treading over the truth,
taking in stride
the far-fetched reality,
and no projections of
their own brutality.

Heat and passion eventually grown,
but to care what love has sown.
The sown piece of blood and man,
the life sown with youth and tan,
screams aloud with clogging throat,
"don't decease me, I'm your son."
falters accepting that his own life,
coming to earth on edge of knife.

Red-sprayed air, shredding noise,
dried tears and unheard voice;
Voices that are made to mumble
THE mother's dreams made to crumble,
fragging apart heart's pieces,
and burnt are dreams' jungle,
leaving the man with the only whim,
no love, compassion,jus' commit the sin.
The sin of life that you laid out,
roasted the seed with no sprout.
How on earth the mercy doesn't cry,
and why the tears so early dry?


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  • My fourth read....whats outstanding about this work is that apart from capturing the theme brings across the beauty of language like very few works do....this is sheer beauty ...its hard for me to quote favourite lines...I mite end up quoting the entire thing....the imagery is vivid...and the ending poignant....hmmmm i want to know what made u write dis piece...

    By Blogger Megha, at Thursday, June 28, 2007 8:51:00 AM  

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