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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Your Sunrise in My Imagination

In castle of my imagination,
I see you my princess
getting up with the rays of sun,
and scratching away dreams
from your satin-lashed eyes,
and lazy twisting of your lissome waist,
makes worthwhile my sunrise.

Dew crimson with infant sun,
sees your eyes and envies you.
Lily petals in morning ponds,
starve to match your repose.
Breeze's proud kissing your cheeks
and shaking wiry strands of you.

Ah, could I prolong the moments,
morning sun spent with you.
and I thank the creator,
that made sun distant from you.
Ah, I got envious with sun,
for ever-growing scarcer you.

Let the sunshine find its blisses
in the ponds and on the dew,
and wander rest of beautiful world.
Before I realize my senses exist,
God, bless me with her warmth of kisses.




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