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Friday, June 02, 2006

A Tribute to My Sacred Love

It's your bondage of sacred love,
that stops me from looking aside.
It's your resonance of voice,
that keeps me from all harmonies,
It's your reminiscence of sight,
that keeps world outta my view.
It's your everlasting desires,
which keep themselves ever new.

Now the turn is of my state,
Wish, you only is all my fate.
psalms and chanting are all I say,
Wish you were mine, is all I pray.
Languidly singing pass my day,
Coz you, my master, hear me and stay.

That shoreless ocean waves me smile,
for my melodies are not so fragile,
the naked horizon envenoms the sun,
that let the shine not further run,
I now see you impressed in dusky ripples,
And no other urge further bubbles,
You, only you, is my prayer,
and this,
...A tribute to my sacred love.




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