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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A corpse sobs..

The damp memories of survival,
on earth ..
beneath my current home,
beneath this sky of death,
I miss every pleasantry,
and I miss each tragedy.
I miss heartbreaks and
sufferings from poverty.
Amiss are all smiles
seen across faces,
amiss are all showers
and tarrying tears' traces.
Every garden, every farm,
handshakes and hugs,
everything was welcoming warm.

But I no longer miss
the reason why,
I was left,
to choose to die.
No matter what the reason,
what matters is my decision,
Now I feel in all my senses,
I left every tear to dry,
and I ran after my dreams
chased them until end of world,
chased them until end of life.
Now that I'd been in coffin,
and have my experiences recalling,
,of gods, and, of devils,
of fairies, and of angels,
inhabiting hell and beautiful heavens,
enjoying lushes and heavenly maidens.

However,I still resent my wits
that flashed up to my decision.
Why in hell couldn't I see,
Why I lacked my proclaimed vision?

Now, I sob on top of my voice,
but fail to touch my loved ones' hearts.
Which was my dream left untrue.
For the reason I ended life,
leaving alive no earthy residue.


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