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Friday, October 13, 2006

My Love For You...

My love for you..., maybe, not well at expression,
or just worried of reaction.
But your love signs are carved,
at my heart's every section.

Written are the things that are finite,
your love guides me as a ray of light.
How can I express with my naivety,
how this mighty sun is bright?

Every that moment of thought you steal,
I live trances, I live crazy.
Everything apart from your love,
seems to me vividly hazy.

Come to me as a delectable surprise
and be my love's infant sunrise.
A sunrise that will last forever...
as my sight in my loving eyes.

Describing love, don't know why,
dreamers dream and lovers cry,
and sculptors model their artifacts,
As rivers meet their darling ocean,
their waves bubble and ocean reacts.
Reacts exposing his sky-wide heart.
meeting horizon spelling an art.
An art of love and rivers' devotions,
An art of flooding and rippling emotions.

The charm of you pounces on my heart,
and warmth of your lips meets my lips,
and rise of your curves touches my ribs,
Sensuous moments bringing up delight,
thanks my love, for making my ways bright.

- Cron



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